Priva Brunch

It's time for an event photography post! 

A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to photograph the monthly Priva Brunch event held at Level8 The Sky Bar in Bournemouth. 

I've never done event photography before so this was my first time. I have to say I found it fairly easy as the venue, people & drinks looked great, the sunny weather helped create the right vibe and I was having a good time capturing it. Also, for those who know the Priva brand - I've changed the game as it's their first album in colour, they have been rocking the black and white for years.  Let me know your thoughts :)

Oh, and if you'd like to attend the next one.. or @privaparties :)

Looking forward to capturing more events this summer!

Camera specs: Sony A7Sii / 16-35mm / f2.8 & 70-200mm /f2.8



Poppy Fields

Hi guys, welcome to my blog ♡ 

I will be sharing some of the content that I've been working on, behind the scenes, travel, inspiration and a lot more. 


 I love working in the creative industry as freelance content creator and would love to give you an insight into my journey. Please feel free to leave feedback in the comments or get in touch :)

Recently, I headed out to poppy fields around Bournemouth to capture lifestyle content of Chloe. 


We only had around 30 minutes to shoot but managed to make the most of golden hour and get some cool shots. Check them out below :)


Camera Specs: Sony A7Sii / 50mm / f1.8 & 70-200mm / f2.8

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